19/99 Precision Colour Pencils

There’s plenty of delight in the creaminess and major pigment in these use-as-you-like pencils which give the absolute dream application, but what’s unexpected is that the brand is talking to people just like us. The aim? To narrow the beauty age gap and to reclaim every age beauty. With that in mind, you’ll find the 19/99 website a standard setter in talking to an age-neutral audience. The shades break down to obvious eye and lip but there’s nothing to stop you having a red eye liner or even a blue lip if you want (unadvisable in the current weather unless you want to be accidentally resuscitated). The creaminess of 19/99 Precision Colour Pencils mean you can fill an entire lip or lid rather than traditionally lining either although I feel on safer ground using the colours as eye liners.

The blue shade, Wasser, is the one I’ve applied today and in my chilly kitchen was expecting the point to snap, which it didn’t. I’d say the majority of liners I try snap if they’re really cold and these don’t which speaks to the creamy formula. However, I did blunt the end myself before applying so it wouldn’t have mattered if it had. The intention from 19/99 is so refreshing for age, tone and skin type, and very far from the ‘correcting’ messaging that most other brands apply to literally anything involving mid and later lifers. I cannot wait to see what they do next – hopefully fatter pencils Shades, from bottom to top are: Rozsa, Lustro, Neutra, Wasser, Voros, Barna and Meleg.