• 14 Incredible Destinations for Families in Canada

    Canada’s diverse landscapes, pristine wilderness, progressive cities and friendly residents make it a perfect destination for families.  Best of all, you can get wildly different experiences visiting in winter and summer.

    As a proud Canadian, I am excited to share with you 14 incredible destinations for families in Canada as recommended by some of the best family travel bloggers out there.  Canada is a massive country and it can be difficult to figure out where to go.  Hopefully we can help inspire you to find your perfect Canadian holiday family destination.

  • Things to Do in Fort Kochi – an Introduction to Kerala

    Fort Kochi (or often called Cochin) is often visitor’s first stop when visiting the southern Indian state of Kerala.  While the Taj Mahal beckons in northern India, Kerala offers travelers a slower pace of life in the lush waterways, tea fields and beautiful beaches.  The Kerala Tourism Board has worked hard recently to attract tourists to the region and can be a great resource when planning your trip.
  • Visiting Palenque: Land of Ruins, Waterfalls and Jungle

    Looking to visit a lesser-visited area of Mexico? Do you loathe Mayan ruins overflowing with tourists? Do you like chasing waterfalls and spotting colourful and exotic birds in the jungle? Then you will love visiting Palenque in Chiapas state.

    After our Yucatan road trip, we were looking to get off the beaten path and we were able to do that in Palenque and later, San Cristobal de las Casas. In this post, we will show you why it is worth the extra effort to visit Palenque, what to do in Palenque, and a great accommodation choice for your visit.
  • The Best Tasmania Itinerary

    Tasmania is an island state in Australia known for its rugged landscape, sparse population and of course Tasmanian devils. Affectionately called “Tassie” by Australians, it is rugged and wild and easy to fall for. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the awesome hiking opportunities and city lovers will appreciate the rich foodie and art culture.

    In this guide, we want to help you plan the best Tasmania itinerary with our tips for the best things to do in Tasmania and how to make the most of your Tasmania road trip.
  • Queensland Exploring: Cairns 

    Cairns in far north Queensland, is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. It is a tourist town that we had no real expectations about. We figured we would go see the Reef and relax at our resort, but there were so many wonderful things to do in Cairns with kids that kept us quite busy. If you need to be reminded why Queensland is a place to love, check out this awesome video.

  • Our Trailer Reno

    We didn’t set out to do a trailer reno, but we found a travel trailer on Kijiji with a layout we loved. It just happened to be 15 years old and with time on our hands due to Covid, we jumped right in.

    At first we found inspriation on Pinterest and blogs, but then stumbled upon an amazing Facebook group called “RV Renovations” that has been an incredible source of inspiration and practical know-how. The downside was that our original plans to do a quick surface reno, turned into a much more ambitious reno after being inspired by that group.

  • How to do the Great Barrier Reef

    Visiting the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is on most traveler bucket lists.  The GBR is not just for divers or backpackers or adventure seekers.  We visited as a family with young kids and had an amazing day on the Great Barrier Reef with kids.
  • Exploring the Daintree and Cape Tribulation

    We were headed up to Cairns in far north Queensland for a holiday, but knew we didn’t just want a resort getaway. We don’t do so well with staying put and lounging around. We prefer small scale tourism over the typical mass tourism that you get around Cairns, and Cape Tribulation feels off the beaten path. We had fond memories of our time in the Daintree rainforest from our backpacker days and were keen to explore the world’s oldest rain forest once again. Just to put it in perspective the Daintree is estimated to be 100-180 million years old, whereas the Amazon is a mere 7 million year old. We are talking really ancient!

  • Land of Lakes and Forests: Lake Superior Camping Trip

    Rocky shorelines, wind swept trees, endless lakes and rivers – these are the icons of the Canadian wilderness and Lake Superior has all of these aplenty.  For us it was a 9-hour drive from the Toronto area, but the drive is worth it as you get access to this rugged, wild and sparsely populated region of Canada.

  • The Best Things to Do in Whistler in Summer with Kids

    Whistler is the premier ski resort in Canada and many might discount it as a winter-only destination. However, Whistler has just as much to offer in the summer with its world-class mountain bike culture, awesome natural environment and quality resort facilities. In this post, we will highlight the Whistler family activities that we enjoyed most. You might notice that quite a few of them involve bikes!